• The Know Your Zone tool (currently known as Zonehaven), is a web-based platform for all of those who live work and play on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
  • The platform has been implemented for the region largely due to it’s geographic location within Los Angeles County and State designation of Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone.
  • Pre-established zones help fire, law, and emergency service agencies prepare for, streamline, and reduce confusion during an evacuation process.
  • The system incorporates hyperlocal knowledge to model evolving disasters and other all-hazard emergencies.
  • Those in the region affected by an evacuation warning or order will be alerted using a variety of notifications, including the Alert SouthBay system, social media, and traditional door-to-door warnings from public safety.
  • Evacuation routes are incident specific and relative to the threat location. Find your zone, and get real time information from public safety with the Know Your Zone platform.
  • The evacuation tool is a three-year contract supported by the County of Los Angeles. No City funds are used for the platform.
  • The Palos Verdes Peninsula cities cost-share and maintain the PVPready.org website that has additional preparedness planning resources.


  1.  After getting familiar with the PVPready.org website, you should bookmark the site on your phone and computer for easy access during an emergency.
  2. Write your Zone down and place it on your fridge or in an easily accessible location. Write down additional Zones of interest: work, home, children’s school, other family member’s Zones.
  3. Talk to your family and friends to ensure they know their Zone. Exchange Zones so you can check on each other’s Zone status during an emergency.
  4. Pack your go-bag with essentials. Reference www.PVPready.org for resources.
  5. Make a Plan. Talk to your family and neighbors about emergency plans and don’t forget pets (small and large)!
  6. Practice. Be sure to practice your plan to check that you’ve accounted for smaller details. Talk through it, walk through it.